I enjoyed exhibiting my work at outdoor shows. Not only do you get about 30,000 people looking at your work, but you also get to meet the people buying your work and hear some of the stories they tell about their experiences at the places I’ve painted….I could write a book.

The Bahamas connection came when a lady from Green Turtle Cay saw me at an art show in West Palm Beach and asked if I would do a painting of their home in GTC in trade for staying in the cottage on the ocean for a week. It was paradise: long walks on Coco Bay with Wilma, my wife and soul mate, who always manages to catch more fish than I do. We are still trading a week in the cottage by the ocean for an original painting of the Bahamas and have become close friends…works for me.

One man came into my booth and said “This is the feel good booth.” Another claimed that his blood pressure went down just walking into my display. A dentist in North Palm Beach who decorated his whole office with my paintings said, “They have a calming effect.” If you’ve been in the setting of one of my paintings, it will bring back memories for you. If you fish the flats, the painting will remind you of your time, “On the Waters Edge.

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